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What do these bowlers have in common?

They have all trusted their Real Estate to

Yes, we are very grateful to have been of assistance with so many who love the game. Our Career has evolved, adding our daughter Gretchen and our son Max to our Team. Giving you even more of the personal professional service you want and deserve.

So whether you are contemplating buying or selling a home, or just have a Real Estate question, contact us, we are here to help, and save you some money!

Patty: 612-418-2218 email

Tom: 612-720-5558 email

Grechen: 763-954-1852 email

Max: 612-418-2218 email

Here's a contest for you....
1st one to name everyone in the picture collage....
will receive a Storm or Roto Grip ball of choice!

(where 2 or more are in one photo, only one has to be named)

no winners as of 10-20-14.  some were close