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St Paul City Tournament

One bowler won four titles and earned a memorial award and 20 bowlers claimed their first city championships as the 2006 St. Paul USBC Open Tournament came to a close recently at West Side Lanes in West St. Paul. Robert Hager, boasting a 212 average, claimed scratch and handicap singles and scratch and handicap all events.   In addition, he won the Jerry Noonan Memorial award for high series in any event.

He rolled games of 256-297-279 for an 832 total, one of the three 800 series in the meet.  It is second only to the 837 by John Kreyer Jr. in the 2002 tournament.  He posted a 717 in the team event and 707 in doubles in addition to his singles series for a 2,256 all events score.  That is the fourth highest all time.

The five titles for Hager ties him with three other bowlers--George Kappas (1966-67), Rod Toft (1974-75) and Alan Loth (1991-92)--for third place in titles won in one meet.  Ron Nelson is the leader with eight in 1982-83.  He captured two each in team, doubles and all events plus the George Dodor and Noonan Memorial awards.  Craig McDonald won six titles in 2004-05, including both Memorial awards.

Corey Flynn, one of the 20 first time champions, collected two titles this year.  He posted games of 249-235-280 for a 764 and he and Steve Dickhausen (719) captured the handicap doubles with a 1,516 total.  They had a 35-pin handicap.  Flynn was also a member of the Huikko's Wizards D team that won the actual team all events.  He had a 2,109 all events total.

Other members of Huikko's were Dave Lutz (2,078), Jason Wagner (2,023), Steve Suhr (2,045) and Chad Huikko (1,983).  It was the third City title for Suhr and the first for the other four members.

On Track-Eden Prairie claimed the Division I team title with  a winning score of 3,565, third highest all-time.  Deb Lantto (650), Duston Barr (757) and Jason Barnhouse (726) all captured their first City title.  Brent Prentice (755) won his second title and Carl Fietek (677) won his eighth title.

The LABCO team from the Filipino League at Wells Lanes captured the Divisions 2 title.  It was the first City title for all members.  They included Barney Brion (575), Dionisio Villamor (475), Rommel Casals (610), Sooch Koam (504) and Chris Haffely (509).

Bradley Weiss and Joe Dabrowski won the scratch doubles for their first City title.  Weiss posted games of 276-202-256 for a 734 score, while Dabrowski had games of 248-234-300 for a 782 tally.  That gave them a winning 1,516 total.  Dabrowski's 300 was one of 13 posted in the tournament.

Daron Hansen opened with a 300 game and followed with a 248-249 for a 797 in the team event to capture the Dodor Memorial award.  It was his sixth City title.  Rounding out the champions was the 4 PLAY team from the Trade Union League at Midway Pro Bowl.  The five members, all first time winners, included Karen Campbell (1,945), Dawn Rudolph (1,499), Darrett Bryant (1,494), Clarence FReeman (1,904) and Wayne Robinson (2,100).  They won the actual all events in Division 2.

In addition to the three 800's and 13 perfect games there were three 299 games and two 298 games posted in the meet.

The 2007 St. Paul USBC Open Championships will be held at Wells Lanes in South St. Paul.

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Photo of Bob Schabert courtesy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press
Used by permission