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      We're concluding our Maple Music column for the 2005-06 season with a little history on Minnesota bowlers in the American Bowling Congress (ABC) and Womens International Bowling Congress (WIBC) championship tournaments.

      The ABC held it's first tournament in 1901 and the Wibc held it's first WIBC meet in 1916.  Neither held tournaments in 1943,1944 or 1945 due to Worl War II.  The statistics that follow this column are from 1901 through the 1999 season.

      Minnesota has produced seven national Hall of Fame members, four men and three women.  In the men's division they include the late Earl Johnson, inducted in 1987, Bob Hanson of Mpls and Todd Savoy of Superior, Wis. who does all of his bowling in Minnesota and inducted in 2002 and Rod Toft of Lake Elmo, inducted in 1991.

      The late Bertha (Bert) McBride of St. Paul was the first state bowler in the national Hall, being inducted in 1968.  Jean Havlish of St. Paul was inducted in 1987 and Gert Fink of Minneapolis was inducted in 1990.

     The only event that hasn't produced a male champion is in doubles while the women haven't produced a team all events winner.  There have been seven tean all events winners among the men's division, the latest being the Lind's Lakers this year.

      Todd Savoy is the leader in championships among the men with six national titles.  George Peterson, the Schacht brothers, Dennis and Terry, and Rod Toft all have four national crowns.

      Gordy Dahl, Bob Hanson, Glen Olson and the late Earl Johnson all have won three ABC titles.  The only double winner among the women is Havlish, who claimed singles and all events in the 1964 WIBC meet in Edina and New Hope.

      Following are the men and women who have claimed national titles plus women's divisional titles and hall of Famers:

     ( Legend)  RT-Regular Team;  BT-Booster Team;  D-Doubles;  S-Singles;  AE-All Events;  TA-Team All Events;   In women's section, (II) and (III) indicate division titles.


Norm Abrams, St. Paul, TA 1957

C.M. Anderson, St Paul, S 1905

Bill Baden, Mpls., RT 1970 and 1972

Dan Bock, Owatonna, S 1993

LeRoy Bryant, St. Paul, RT 1970, CT 1972

Bruce Carlson, Mpls., TA 1976

Fred Chandler, St. Paul, BT 1918

Gordy Dahl, Mpls., TA 1965, RT 1972

Clyde DeBoer, Edgerton, BT 1980

Herb Dornfeld, St Paul, RT 1913

Jerry Dutler, Mankato, RT 1965

John Eiss, Orono, TA 2002, TA 2006

Rick Fey, Edgerton, BT 1980

George Fleischacker, St. Paul, TA 1957

Ben Gilbertson, St Paul, RT 1918

Dick Gilbertson, Mpls., TA 1965

Gary Green, Houlton Wisc., TA 2002, TA 2006

Gordy Hagen, Mpls., TA 1965

Bob Hanson, Richfield, TA 1965, RT 1970, RT 1972

Eric Hedenstrom, St. Paul, RT 1913

Bill Hulbert, Mpls., TA 1976

Earl Johnson, Minnetonka, RT 1956, TA 1956, S 1961

Lee Johnson, Mpls., TA 1976

Doug Kingery, Atwater, RT 1988

Frank Koss, Mpls., BT 1941

Sam Lantto, Eden Prarie, TA 2002, TA 2006

Chuck Leone, Rochester, TA 1976

Jim Lindquist, Rosemount, AE 1976

Ed Mady, St. Paul, TA 1957

Eddie Maehren, St. Paul, TA 1957 CT 1965

John Miller, St Paul, RT 1918

Fran Morrisette, St. Paul, TA 1957

Harry Muggley, St. Paul, RT 1913, RT 1918

Dave Mitchell, Farmington, AE 2006

Al Nystrom, St. Paul, RT 1913

Glen Olson, now in Boulder City Nev. TA 1965, RT 1970, RT 1972

George Paschen, St. Paul, RT 1918

George Peterson, Crystal, RT 1984, TA 1984, TA 1985, RT 1988

Don Post, Edgerton, BT 1980

Lee Rogers, Mpls., TA 1976

Todd Savoy, Superior, RT 1984, TA 1984, TA 1985, RT 1988, TA 2002,          TA 2006

Denny Schacht, St. Paul, RT 1984, TA 1984, TA 1985, RT 1988

Terry Schacht, Oakdale, RT 1984, TA 1984, TA 1985, RT 1988

Lyle Spooner, St. Cloud, S 1961

Cyrus Sutherland, St. Paul, RT 1913

Rod Toft, Lake Elmo, AE 1981, RT 1984, TA 1984, TA 1985

Virg VanHulzen, Edgerton, BT 1980

Dave VanStelton, Edgerton, BT 1980

Chuck Vashaw, Deephaven, TA 2002, TA 2006

Albert Verlo, Mpls., BT 1941

Arne Verlo, Mpls., BT 1941

Peder Verlo, Mpls., BT 1941





Georgene Cordes - Shirley Sjostrom, 1976 - score 1232


Jean Havlish, St. Paul, 1964- score-690


Jean Havlish, St. Paul, 1964- score 1980

DIVISION I (151-170 avg.) TEAM;

Joyner/Garden City, Alexandria, 1978- score 2,706

Wheaton Lanes, Wheaton, 1989- score 2768


Sande Crawford - Cheryl Rasmusson, 1995- score 1210


Kelly Smith, Faribault, 1991- score 660


Wanda Behr, Fulda, DIII T, 1999

Helen Bowman, Champlin, DIII T, 1989

Susan Brede, Alexandria, T 1978

Bev Busswitz, Westbrook, DIII T, 1999

Virginia Chadbourne, Detroit Lakes, DIII T 1980

Debra Cheney, Mpls., DIII T, 1989

Georgene Cordes, Bloomington, D 1976

Sande Crawford, Columbia Hts., DI D, 1995

Pamela Dane, Monticello, T 1978

Joanne Deal, Wheaton, T 1989

Melissa Dunleavy, Spicer, DIII AE, 1998

Mary Ann Erickson, Currie, DIII T, 1999

Gloria Gohman, Detroit Lakes, DII T, 1980

Sheree Grim, Mpls., DII T, 1989

Judy Gustofson, Wheaton,  T 1989

Jean Havlish, St. Paul, S 1964, AE 1964

Doris Johnson, Detroit Lakes, DII T 1980

Lorraine Joyner, Osseo, T 1978

Nancy Joyner, Osseo, T 1978

Betty Karst, Mpls., DII T 1989

Gayle Kohls, Wheaton, T 1989

Carol Lutgens, Detroit Lakes, DII T 1989

Vickie Meyer, Alexandria, T 1978

Elizabeth O'Leary, Wheaton, T 1989

Mardella Olson, Avoca, DIII T 1989

Mary Peters, Westbrook DIII T 1999

Cheryl Rasmusson, Osseo, D 1995

Paulette Schmitz, Wheaton, T 1989

Shirley Sjostrom, Bloomington, D 1976

Kelly Smith, Faribault, S 1991

Missy Sullivam, Coon Rapids, T 1997

Pinky Wittnebel, Detroit Lakes, DII T 1980


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